Gilles joins the WARRIOR KIDS on drums just one month before playing a major gig with LA SOURIS DEGLINGUEE. Marc now remains the only original member. The new formation is returning in studio in august to record a new project.

[Denis] - Gilles - Seb - [Stryker] - Marc
WARRIOR KIDS & friends 2008

WARRIOR KIDS is playing in Switzerland again. The new ep with EMSCHERKURVE 77 is finally out in Germany.
The new CD “fais du rock” seems to have a strongest maturity than the previous albums. The band can finally reveal all its punk rock influences, i.e The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, the Ruts, as well as reggae and ska bands.

New gig in another country, WARRIOR KIDS is playing in Geneve, Switzerland, thanks to Rude Boys Unity.

WARRIOR KIDS is playing in Stockholm, Sweden, with the Crack. After the gig Seb is drunk enough to ask french league results to the cab driver... in french... "Everybody's dreaming" echoes the CRACK.


Pierrot is leaving the band and is replaced by Seb. The band is more punk rock influenced than ever.
Bad tongues are saying the “Hugo est une grosse merde” EP is featuring the WARRIOR KIDS under the name “Los Touladanlos”. Who knows, we'll never know.
Punk Rawk mag is doing an interview and a praising review of the new album “les Wieux Kons”.
The band's 20th birthday is celebrated with the “20 ans 20 minutes” LP.

The WARRIOR KIDS is recording "les kids d’Estrangin" EP, featuring the songs written in 2001.
A fucking journalist in Paris is producing the new CD “carton rouge” but a bootlegged LP version hits the streets. Naughty people are saying the WARRIOR KIDS produced the bootleg themselves. We’ll never know but Hugo really sucks ;o)

Philippe Wagner from Paris is organizing a gig in Paris on february 2d. The come-back is now taken seriously and Punk Rawk mag is publishing an interview. The gig is recorded and commercialized on cd, under the name “live 222” (stands for 2002/02/2d).
First concert in Spain “a touché la quiquetta manuella bordille”.


A fan is producing the "official discography" (CD + dbld LP). The WARRIOR KIDS is playing in Marseille and the two new songs "les kids d’Estrangin" and "Dangereux" are receiving a warm response. Here we go, the band is alive again.

After the death of the Cherubins' singer in 1991, Marc and Pierrot are trying to carry on the band, but finally choose to call it quits in 1997. Marc doesn't play bass guitar for the 4 following years.

After the excellent 1991 gig, a Paris based label is offering to produce the "don’t tell me lie" EP.

A one-off gig planned in Lyon is cancelled (all the gigs in this jinx city have ever been cancelled). The band is deciding to play at "la Maison Hantée" - Marseille's finest rock club -, but the local gig turns into a major event, people coming from all over the country.
The Cherubins' singer Johnny dies in Thailand.

Marc joins the CHERUBINS and meets Pierrot, who will later become the WARRIOR KIDS' guitarist.

Pierrot in les CHERUBINS

The new LP "les enfants de l’espoir" is coming out, but “77 KK” records secretly changed the front cover to something similiar to the first ADOLESCENTS LP. Maximum Rock'n'Roll reviews the album as “irresistible melodic punk numbers”.
National Service is over for Pitou and Marc, but Thierry is deciding to stop the band.

French label 77 KK is putting out a compilation tape featuring the song "Defferre", first and last step before the "77 KK" international compilation LP and WARRIOR KIDS' own "ville morte”.
The band is recording "les enfants de l’espoir” LP in august 1985 just before that Pitou the Drummer and Marc joined the army for one year in October 1985.

The ep "Adolescent" b/w "les forces de l’ordre" is receiving a worldwide attention, Maximum Rock'n'Roll is describing the band's debut effrot as "a skunk sound raher than the pure oi approach".
WARRIOR KIDS is recording “ville morte”, “personne" and “Defferre” (name of Marseille mayor and french minister).

Marc and Thierry

The first ep "Adolescent" is coming out. Although the band's influences are punk rock, reggae, ska and Mod music, the record sticks to the kids from Estrangin typical Oi cliche (a gathering place for all Marseille's skins).

Actual WARRIOR KIDS' birth. Thierry joins the band just one week before the first gig, and is recording the first ep “Adolescent”, an all-times-public-favorite song written in 15 minutes, words and music...

The Clash's "Tommy gun" video clip is played on TV. Marc is deciding to form a punk rock band with his friend Karim. They play under the name FOREFINGER : first musical experience, first gigs, first years in the punk rock scene (Marc played his first concert at the age of 13th ), first steps toward the WARRIOR KIDS.